Best SEO Tool for Blogger Website Analysis Tools 2019

f you are a blogger then and it is very important to analyze your competition of the particular keyword. If you do not know go the competition of the keyword and you just simply start writing article then it is not possible to rank in the particular keyword.

so before start writing articles you have to find the best keyword for your blog and also you have to find the difficulty and competition of the keyword.

Importance of SEO Tool

Now its time to find the competition and difficulty of a particular keyword. The best way to find the competition of any keyword is by using SEO tools.

SEO tool helps you to find the full details of the keyword in a single click. If you search any keyword in the SEO tool then you will get how much traffic the keyword has and which website is ranking in the given keyword. also, the SEO tool gives you more detail of the competition of the keyword and it’s recommended you the related keyword.

now you just have to find the right from the following related keyword. So SEO tool is very helpful for bloggers. It saves you lots of time researching and analyzing the competition.

Best SEO Tool for Blogger

That is lots of SEO tool which provide you too many amazing features. Some of them are very easy-to-use and give you the correct data.

So, in the given below, I am sharing some good and useful tools.

(1) Ahrefs

It is one of the most popular SEO tools. Most of the bloggers use this tool for keyword research.

The main benefit of this tool. Is provides you too many other features with keyword Explorer. here you can also explore any website and you can see e how many organic keywords the website has, total backlinks of the website and too many important things. Which helps you to increase your ranking.

(2) SEMrush

SEMrush also a very popular SEO tool on the internet. Bloggers like to use the SEMrush because it gives you are correct data like website total traffic, traffic sources, backlinks, keywords and more.

It also provides you too many useful features like ahrefs SEO tool

(3) Alexa

Amazon also provides an SEO tool called Alexa. It is also a very good tool for finding competition.

They also provide you very good service and useful features.

(4) Longtail pro

Long-tail Pro is there very popular keyword Explorer tool. Many bloggers like to use long-tail Pro because it is made special for you order searching.

Here have shared the importance of SEO tools and which SEO tool is best for you? All the tools I have shared are good but the most popular tools are ahrefs and SEMrush.

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