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Difference Between Free and Paid Blogs


In our last article will have to discuss what is the main benefit of the paid blog? And why you have to choose a paid website?

But where are too many good features in the free website compare to any paid website? So so in this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of free and paid blogs.

If you are a beginner and want to start a blog. But you do not have any budget to buy domain and hosting. Then the free blog is best for you. The free website provides you many good features for a hundred percent free.

Free website Pros

Let’s talk about what is the best feature of the free website. here you will get too many good features for the free.

1) in a free website platform you will get a free domain. You do not have to pay anything for this.

2) as you know web hosting server is a very important part of any website so so you need a very powerful and strong server. Free blogs provide you with very high powerful blogs that can handle unlimited website traffic. Which is the best feature ever on a free website.

3) free website and very responsive and simple design. So your website speed it will be very fast.

4) on the free website you do not have to face any error or any other problem because your website server is handled by the company.

Free website cons

If you have created your website for free. Then you will some problems. like

1) this is a free website so you do not have any control over your website server so you cannot customize your website. You will get a very limited customization option.

2) the main problem in the free website is your domain name URL will be very long. Intruding the company name. But you can solve the problem by adding a custom domain.

Paid website pros

In the paid website, you will get everything and too many features. So you can do anything you want.

1) here you have to bye buy a domain name and web hosting server. Also, you will get a Cpanel so you can customize your website as your requirement.

2) On a paid website you will get too many options to create your own website. Like you can use WordPress, PHP, HTML or any other option.

3) if you to use are any cms to create your website.then you can plugin to add more amazing features on your website.

Paid website cons

1) the main problem in the paid website is is you have to invest some money to create a good website. Because here you have to buy a domain name and web hosting server.

2) if you are a beginner then and you can buy a shared hosting server which is not a very powerful server at all. So it will handle very limited traffic. If you have high website traffic then you have to invest more money.

3) the website server is controlled by yourself so so in the future, you may face some error or problem.

Finally, we have all the benefits and disadvantages of both free and paid websites. so now you can choose a perfect one for you as your requirement and budget.

If you have a small budget then you definitely go for the paid website. Because you will learn more as compared to a free website.


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