How to Do On Page SEO in Article WordPress (2019)

In this article, I am going to share some tips and tricks to do on-page SEO in your article and improve your website ranking in search engines.

As you know on-page SEO one of the best things to do in your article. without SEO you can rank your article in any search engine. so here I will share some steps to do On-page SEO.

there are too many things to do in on-page SEO. but here we will talk about some important and basic steps you have to do in the beginning.

Top On-Page SEO Factors

Let’s talk about how to do on-page SEO in your article.

(1) Keyword Research

It is the most important factor in on-page SEO. if you don’t have a good keyword then you never rank in google. so you have to do keyword research before writing an article.

always try to find a keyword with a very high volume search and low competition. because it is very easy to rank in this type of keyword.

you can use a tool to find the best keyword for you. like ahrefs, semrush, keyword planner, etc.  some of the tools are paid and some are free. but all the tools are good. you can also use the free tools.

(2) SEO friendly article

It is very important to write unique and SEO friendly articles. always try to write an article in very simple and easy words. it helps you to increase your website user experience.

As you know content is the king. so make your content unique. and try to add some heading with H1, H2. and add image some image or video related to your topic.

Also, write a log article. it is very easy to rank a log article compare to the short article. 1st find your main keyword to write an article. then search in google and find out how many words your competitor’s website has used. then write a quality article with higher words compare to your competitor’s website.

We hope you like our this article and in future articles, we will cover other topic related to blogging. and if you like to read an article related to blogging then keep visiting our website.




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