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Which is best Paid Blog or Free Blog? [ Full Details ]


Now online earning is a Trend so everyone wants to earn from online. And the simple way to earn online is blogging.

So most of the people watching videos on YouTube about how to start a blog? how to earn from blogging? This is a very good option for beginners and if you have any knowledge in any category then and you can start your own blog.

But the mean confusion for beginners is which is a best-paid blog or free blog. So don’t worry about this article I will explain everything about free and paid also I will sure of my personal recommendation.

The main difference between a free and paid website

Most of people have the same question is why we want to create a paid website. Because too many companies offer to create a free website.

It is a big question and my simple answer to this question. There is no problem with the free website. You can create your website for a hundred percent free and start your blogging career.

But there is some major difference between free and paid websites we have to understand this before start blogging.

why paid blog is good?

in the paid website we have more customization options compare to any other free website.

The main problem with free blogs is is here you will get a free domain but the domain is very long and not beautiful at all.

If you have created a free blog with bloggers then your domain will be like this xyz.blogger.com. so so many people do not like this type of website name.

But there is a solution to this problem. you can bye buy a custom domain from any domain selling the company and then you can connect your free blog with this custom domain.

Another major problem is there is no internal option to control your website .so you have a very limited option to customize your website.

Due to this type of problem many people like to to create their own paid blog. Where you will get full control over the website they can do anything on their website.

With a free website, you can create it only a simple blog but in a paid website, you can create anything you want. Because here you will get a control panel. so you can create an E-commerce website, blog, service website, etc. anything you want.

finally, we hope you like our this article. where have we discussed the importance of the paid website and what are the main benefits of a paid blog?

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